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What began as a simple question and a bouncy tune has turned into a courtroom battle that may have legal and metaphysical ramifications.

Charlotte Wasserman, 39, of Wellesley has begun legal proceedings against "The Oracle", claiming the allegedly omniscient being intentionally slandered her by implying she was an "Asshole" during a March 18th performance of "The Ego & The Oracle" at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA.

In the documents filed by her attorneys, Wasserman states that she attended the musical-improvisational-fortune-telling show at the suggestion of one Janice Whelk, the art teacher at her daughter's Montessori school.

"She made it sound fun," claimed Wasserman during an exclusive interview. "She's so crunchy and artsy, and I had been looking for something a little more spiritual than my Hot Yoga class."

On the night in question, Wasserman asserts she wrote down a question on a slip of paper and put it in the box provided by the production, just as every other audience member did. Her question was, "Buy a new BMW, or keep leasing the Escalade?" Her question was selected at random, she went on stage to ask it aloud, and then spun a wheel with 30 songs titles by the Boston band Jim's Big Ego. That's when the trouble began.

According to several witnesses, the wheel stopped on the song "Asshole," at which point the band played the entire song while the assembled crowd at the Lizard Lounge laughed and cheered.

"It's a crowd-pleasing song," confessed Jim Infantino, lead singer of Jim's Big Ego. "Plus it has a pretty catchy hook."

Mrs. Wasserman remembers it differently. "It was so awful. I wanted a real answer, maybe something like 'International' that would steer me towards the Beemer. But instead, I got that… A-hole song. They all thought it was hilarious, but I had just been verbally assaulted by an all-knowing, all-seeing entity. My civil rights were violated!"

By all accounts, Wasserman left the stage in a rage before the meaning of the song could be divined by on-stage interpreter, Shawn Peters. "It wasn't a big deal to me, " admits Peters. "It's not like I get paid per-interpretation… but it was a lay-up. Even a drummer could figure that one out."

Dan Cantor, the drummer for Jim's Big Ego, could not be reached for comment.

Barring a successful injunction by Mrs. Wasserman's attorneys, The Ego & The Oracle is scheduled to continue its Third Thursday of the Month run in April (15th) and May (20th) at The Lizard Lounge - 1667 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA -  617.547.1228.

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